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Project | 01

Carpet Warranty Social Campaign

Winner: 2018 Promoboxx Aligned Award for Best Overall Campaign


Piquing consumer interest about carpet warranties can be tough. This lead generation campaign uses  Facebook & Twitter posts to drive consumers to a landing page where they can pick something for Tommy to drop on the carpet to see if it’s covered by the warranty.  Award details can be seen here.

View a campaign post here and click through to the landing page.


Project | 02

Video: Grow App Ratings

I managed the merchandising and creation of this (currently unlisted) old video with Centerline Digital to tell the product benefits story for IBM Application Performance Management.

Watch the video here.


Project | 03

eBook: DevOps APM for Dummies

This eBook was a labor of love that I created with the help of technical experts and industry analysts. The goal was to provide a free resource for potential customers at the beginning of their journey into modernizing application management and DevOps at their companies. This asset was a key component in the buyer journey. We also had the dummy costume and authors signing printed booklets at the 2017 IBM InterConnect conference.

Download the eBook here.


Project | 04

Medical AI Guide & Derivatives

I worked with a contract writer and designer to produce this ungated (and gated) guide to training accurate medical AI solutions with high-quality labeled data. Many healthcare innovators hire physicians to annotate training data which is a costly, and often slow option. In order to educate prospects about workforce alternatives, I also created the following derivatives to drive traffic to the guide, support outbound sales teams, and educate prospects about the value of outsourcing data labeling to managed workforces.

  • Video (created from scratch including the voice over)

  • SlideShare

  • Infographic (coming soon)

Read the guide to Medical AI here.

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